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There will be no updates for this game, but you can try other projects developed by me!

I opened a Discord Server where we can talk about this and other projects of mine.

This is an economic game only about a software company and your goal is to become the CEO of VeryBig Company and to have monopol over the entire software market.

The tutorial is in the game.

If you have any suggestions, errors or something that you wish to send to me, please do.

The changelog is in the .rar

Thank you for your download.


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WindowsV0.1.0.rar 28 MB
LinuxV0.1.0.rar 26 MB
MacV0.1.0.rar 25 MB


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I can't start the game due to wonky ui, I'd love if you fix it (or tell me how many times I need to press tab to get it running)

it doesnt work on OSX

as to install in ubuntu linux?

nice little game. I think ill play your other

Whoa even the Comment Section is cool!

Thank you very much! You should also try my other game =))))))

You need to hire a UX/UI Designer, the interface is weird! @~@

(1 edit)

I agree with you, but I don't work on this game anymore. I'm currently working at this game and I use everything I have learned from this project( UX/UI design included). I hope that you will understand and maybe in the future, I will come with GameCompany Tycoon 2. Who knows?

Edit: Other things you you'd like to add?

The elevator overtime will move out of it's spot

no game?

The new update will be published Friday