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Nikolai Kardashev had a dream that one day the human race will reach the stars and consequently, he designed a scale, named after him, which calculates at what stage a certain civilization is.

Let's start with a little story, I was playing one Sci-Fi strategy game and I realised that something was missing. Then, I searched different markets and I was frustrated that I couldn't find anything about the Kardashev Scale or something related and its implications, so I decided to create my own interpretation of it into a game!

Well, you are the ruler of a terrestrial civilization and with strategy and time, you build up and evolve into a Kardashev III or more civilization. Can you do it? Can you acomplish the dream of the entire human race?

To do

  •  more pleasant textures and models for buildings;
  • more music and a greater control over it;
  • UI make-over;
  • more things to do, regarding civilization;
  • new resource: culture/society;
  • tech/social/cultural tree;



For those who want, in the MyEmpire_Data, there is a file named RandomEvents.txt. This file controls the number and what the game will display in a random event and you can modify it as you see fit according to the rules presented in the file.  If you want, you can download the file directly from the website.



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MyEmpire x64 V0.2 120 MB
MyEmpire Linux 64 V0.2 127 MB
MyEmpire MacOS V0.2 123 MB
RandomEvents.txt 6 kB

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I can't play the application after I extracted the .rar download. When I try to run the game, Finder says that the game can't be opened.


I heard about this game from a friend and he was right. It is very good and I can't wait for future updates


I am downloading this game right now, it looks good, I'll test it and leave another comment